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Customer Service Lab Technician

Job Requisition ID:  43546


1. To carry out glass lamination and fitness-for-use evaluations and other testing, in accordance with the work program defined by the Team Leader, CCL.
2. To develop and maintain working knowledge of glass lamination.
3. To carry out routine evaluation of interlayer sheet and laminate properties and performance.
4. To record and report the results of all work in a clear and accurate manner.
5. To keep the processing/evaluation equipment in good working order and to arrange for regular maintenance of this equipment.
6. To assist the Team Leader and the field TS/AD representatives in training programs for customers, functional colleagues and contract representatives.
7. To maintain a high level of housekeeping and to work always in accordance with the safe working practices laid down by the Company.
8. To highlight and make suggestions to the Team Leader on matters concerning personal relations within the laboratory, training needs and job-related problems.
9. To assist in the administrative functions of the laboratory as indicated by the Team Leader.
10. Develop new test methods for performance characterization of laminated glass where required working closely together with the Team Leader and TS/AD reps.
11. To take appropriate action deemed necessary in situations not heretofore outlined.


1. Applicable qualification in China, or a suitable technical qualification.
2. Ideally 2+ years of “hands on” experience within a laboratory environment. Practical experience in laminating glass or polymer processing would also be an advantage.
3. A fluency in English (written and spoken) and Mandarin combined with excellent communication skills is necessary.
4. A customer service orientated, flexible and a team player mentality.
5. Creative problem solving ability.

Job Segment: Maintenance, Chemical Engineer, R&D, Manufacturing, Engineering, Research, Customer Service