It’s about growth and your long-term success.

At Eastman, your career path can take many routes—each offering growth opportunities, competitive salary and benefits, and a globally growing work environment.

Life at Eastman

Eastman fosters a culture of diversity steeped in teamwork and employee involvement, a place where dedicated men and women turn great ideas into materials that make a difference in everyday life. We support and encourage one another and believe that leveraging diversity in our thoughts and experiences allows us to excel in business.

Benefits and compensation

The company provides competitive compensation and benefits designed to attract, retain, reward, and engage world-class employees.

Safety and wellness

Eastman puts your safety and wellness first—at work and at home. To be sure, this commitment to safety is vital to the company’s ability to deliver high-quality products because it promotes operational excellence. But we also emphasize safety and wellness outside of work because it promotes an enhanced quality of life for our employees and communities. 

Opportunities for growth

Eastman is dedicated to supporting individual growth, offering a variety of career and personal development opportunities with a strong emphasis on coaching and mentoring employees throughout their careers.